Clear & transparent

You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying, no smoke and mirrors.

We’ll never undertake any chargeable work before we've agreed how much it will cost.

Our fee guarantee

We only work with clients where we know we can add substantially more value than we charge.

If you don’t feel you’ve received great value, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Fixed flat fees

We keep things simple. We offer fixed flat fees, so you always know exactly what you’re paying.

There’s no hidden costs, no small print and you'll never get an unexpected bill from us.

After completing the steps, you will achieve:

  • Financial peace of mind – life, without money worries
  • Financial independence – life, without needing to work
  • Financial security – life, without the risk of being blown off course

You’ll be living life on your terms, with complete control over your finances and mastery over your money.

Our golden rule

We only work with clients where we can add significantly more value than it costs to work together. Our fee should be a fantastic investment for every client.

What makes us different?

Most financial advisors charge a percentage of the amount you invest with them. The more you invest, the more they get paid. We don’t do that.

We offer a free initial meeting to determine whether we’re able to help. Only where we believe we can add significant value to your financial situation will we suggest working together.

If you decide to become a client, we charge a fixed, flat fee for the design and build of your financial plan. The cost of this will depend on how complex your situation is. You’re not tied into any long-term contract and can cancel at any point.

We also provide an ongoing financial planning service, which helps to keep your financial plan on track.

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