Exceedingly good value

We have one golden rule for all the people we meet prior to them becoming a client of Frazer James. And it’s this: we must be able to add significantly more value than any fees we would charge. Our fee should be a fantastic investment for every client.

What makes us different?

Most financial planners earn their fees based on a percentage of the amount of money you have invested with them. We give you a choice of what services you want to pay for.

We won’t charge you for the time we spend getting to know you. Once we’ve identified where you are and where you want to be, that’s when we’ll provide you with a quote for the design & build stage. For this, we have fixed flat fees, so you always know where you stand.

We’ll then review all of your investments and pensions, income and expenditure and put together your financial plan. This quote is entirely based on the complexity of your financial situation, not how much wealth you have.

Once we’ve agreed on your plan, you can choose whether you want to pay for ongoing investment management and/or ongoing financial planning to ensure that your plan stays on track.

Clear & transparent

You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying, no smoke and mirrors. We’ll never undertake any chargeable work before we've agreed the fee: how much, how you can pay and when it’s payable.

Our fee guarantee

We only work with clients where we know we can add substantially more value than we charge. We’re so confident in this that if you don’t feel you’ve received excellent value from us, we’ll refund your fee and part as friends. Sound fair?

Value for money

Value for money isn’t just about low fees (although we compare well with the competition). It’s also the comfort of knowing that everything’s taken care of. That you can enjoy your wealth today knowing that you’ve done everything you can to achieve your goals for the future.

After completing the steps, you will achieve:

  • Financial peace of mind – life, without money worries
  • Financial independence – life, without needing to work
  • Financial security – life, without the risk of being blown off course

You’ll be living life on your terms, with complete control over your finances and mastery over your money.

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