Your Financial Health Check

Provides an overall assessment of your financial health, looking at:

  • What’s coming in – salary, bonuses, dividends, rental income
  • What’s going out – household, travel, lifestyle, holidays
  • Assets – savings, investments, pensions, buy-to-let properties
  • Liabilities – mortgage, car finance, credit cards
  • Insurances – life insurance, income protection, critical illness cover

It helps to answer:

  • Am I saving enough?
  • Can my pensions and investments be improved?
  • Am I covered well enough for disaster scenarios?
  • Can I reduce my tax bill?

You’ll be provided with your own personalised:

  • Summary of your financial position (income & expenditure/personal balance sheet)
  • Detailed review on each part of your finances
  • Areas for improvement

The outcome of your financial health check will provide you with a really clear picture of your current financial position.

You’ll then move to Step 2: Your Financial Life Plan

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