Employer Pension Contributions for Company Directors

There are three main benefits to making employer pension contributions from your business:

1. It’s an allowable business expense – reduce your company’s corporation tax bill

2. You pay no income tax on the contribution, unlike salary or dividends

3. Your pension can grow tax-free

How to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Employer pension contributions are treated as a deductible expense, reducing your corporation tax. There’s also no income tax or dividend tax to pay on employer pension contributions.

By making a pension contribution of £10,000, you can save up to £4,530 in tax compared to paying yourself a salary.

Bonus Sacrifice Pension Save Tax

Free Business Pension Consultation

If you’re looking for advice on how to make employer pension contributions from your business, we offer a free consultation.

We will discuss how you can use your business to make pension contributions and how to reduce your tax bill.

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Free Business Pension Guide

Download our free guide, which will tell you:

What the benefits are of making employer pension contributions

How much tax you can save my making company pension contributions

How much your business can pay into your pension

How to carry forward previous years allowances

Tips to reduce your tax bill even further

Free Employer Pension Contributions Guide

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