Tuning Out The Noise

The stock market on a rocket ride, blasting through a ceiling and closing at an all-time high.

Cheers of joy on the trading floor.

The internet revolution and the rise and fall of the internet stock bubble has become one of the dramatic business stories of our time.

It April of 2000, the bubble burst, when the NASDAQ collapsed and dozens of dotcoms folded, losing billions.

If I’d had taken your advice, at any point in the last two or three years, I’d have lost a fortune.

A huge percentage of jobs created has been because of the housing boom. Whether it’s construction, whether it’s mortgage brokers.

Bear Stearns is fine! Do not take your money out.

It is, this is, look, if there’s one takeaway….

(People talking over one another).

With Wall Street shaken to its very foundation…

(Stock market closing bell ringing).

Soft, suspenseful music.

But what if you were working with a financial advisor who had helped you…?

  • Tune out the noise.
  • Look beyond the headlines.
  • Who kept you in your seat, when others fled?

You could have had a positive investment outcome.

They let you live your life through the ups and downs.

And know it would be okay.

That’s the value of discipline.



That’s the difference that the right financial advisor makes.

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