InvestPlan is a proven process, designed to help you achieve investment success.

When we really break it down, your investment plan requires just three things. It’s about:

  1. Getting the right mix of investments
  2. Spreading your money wisely
  3. Keeping your costs down

Investment Mix

Different types of investment produce different investment returns.

Low-risk investments such as treasury bills and bonds produce a small but stable return. Whereas high-risk investments such as stocks and shares produce a bigger but less stable return.

The right mix of investments will depend on how comfortable you are with your money going up and down.

Smart Diversification

Spreading your money across different types of investments helps to reduce the risk of having all your eggs in one basket.

If we knew which type of investment was going to do best, we would just invest there. But the truth is, that picking next year’s top-performing investment is anyone’s guess.

By combining different types of investments, you can reduce the ups and downs without necessarily reducing your investment return.

Minimise Costs

Keeping your costs low is an important but often overlooked step.

As the chart shows, costs have a big impact on your overall investment return.

By reducing costs, you are likely to keep more of any investment return.

Creating Your InvestPlan

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