Finding it difficult to juggle both your demanding career and your finances?

As a Microsoft employee, your financial situation is unique. This guide helps you make the most of your situation and maximise your finances.

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Making the most of Microsoft

Building your wealth efficiently involves making smart decisions and managing many moving parts, which with a career like yours can be challenging. Your position has several interesting financial planning implications to consider as well as a wide-ranging compensation package. Making the most out of your Microsoft benefits isn’t easy. There are various tax traps and pitfalls you need to consider. But with a little bit of planning, you can avoid these costly mistakes and use your Microsoft benefits to secure your financial future.

There are 5 key questions to consider:

  • 1. How to save tax
  • 2. How to manage risk
  • 3. How to invest wisely
  • 4. How much is enough
  • 5. Who to partner with

How will this guide help you?


Invest With Confidence

Create a smart investment strategy, which maximises your investment return whilst managing risk prudently and sensibly.


Create Financial Independence

Make your money work for you, understand when you become financially independent and work becomes optional.


Protect Against Disaster

Discover how you can protect your future earnings, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family should the worst happen.

Tom’s Story

Last year we were approached by Tom, a fellow Microsoft employee, who wanted some help getting his finances in order. We identified several areas of his finances that could be improved including his taxes, portfolio and his insurance.

How we helped Tom:

  • £27,000pa better off (tax savings)
  • More robust, lower-risk portfolio
  • Hours of time saved
  • Improved financial safety net
  • A clear plan for the future
  • Able to retire 5 years sooner
  • Peace of mind

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Who are Frazer James?

We are Chartered and Certified independent Financial Advisers. We provide expert advice to Microsoft employees to help them make the most of their unique situation.

We wanted to build a firm that would help people use their money to get the most out of life. To do this we help  our clients make smart decisions with all aspects of their money. Answer their biggest financial questions and issues and help them plan for and create the future that they want.

Advantages of working with Microsoft specialists


Independent Financial Advisors

As an independent financial adviser, we provide financial advice on all areas of your finances.


Expert Financial Planners

We’re Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Pension Advisors with years worth of experience.


Fixed Flat Fees

We charge a fixed flat fee, meaning that we’re able to provide impartial financial advice.


Financial Sounding Board

We provide comprehensive advice on your Microsoft benefits, acting as a sounding board for all your big financial decisions.


Fiduciary Financial Planners

As fiduciary financial planners, we have your best interests at heart. We’re in your corner, acting in your best interests.


Big Picture Financial Planners

We’ll help you figure out where you want to be in the future and creates a plan to get you there.

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I was looking to find a financial adviser who I could trust to take care of my finances, do some forward planning and deal with the admin on my behalf.

As a result of working with Frazer James, I feel that my finances are in much better shape and are being given the attention they desperately needed. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made recently and I would recommend them to anyone.


As I’m approaching the latter part of my career I decided I needed some support with my retirement strategy.  FJL have been first class in providing advice and a clear deliverable plan.

The team at FJL have shown a real understanding of my priorities and needs, and have provided a truly bespoke service with excellent communications and support.  I now feel in control of my retirement plan.  Big thankyou to James, Chris and the team.


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