Your Financial Life Plan

Your Financial Life Plan thinks about the future. It establishes:

1. What do you want to achieve

2. When you want to do it by

3. How to balance the trade-offs

It challenges you to think different, think big.

Financial Life Questions

It helps to answer some of your biggest financial questions. Things like:

….? Progress – are you on track to achieve your life goals?

….? Funding – do you have enough to do everything you want?

….? Resilience – will you be okay if life takes an unexpected return?

….? Improvements – what can be done to improve your financial situation?

Financial Master Plan

By the end, you’ll have your personalised Financial Master Plan. This will show:

Your Life Goals – defining what you want your future to look like

Your Number – how much do you need to put away to achieve the future you want

Financial Freedom – a roadmap of how to achieve financial security and freedom

A Financial Scorecard – showing whether you are ‘on track’ to achieve your objectives

You will have a clear understanding of where you’re heading and a well thought through plan for achieving your financial objectives.

You’ll then move to Step 3: Your Financial Action Plan

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