Pension Tapered Annual Allowance

For years, high earners in the corporate world have been able to stick their heads in the sand, knowing their large pension benefits will ‘provide’ later down the line. But with the tapered annual allowance, that’s now coming to an end.

The relatively recent introduction of the Tapered Annual Allowance rules has resulted in several high earning employees ‘opting-out’ of their pensions for fear of hefty tax bills.

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If you’re concerned about breaching the tapered annual allowance, you can book in for a pension consultation.

We will use this meeting to check whether you are affected by the tapered annual allowance and discuss how we can work together.

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Free Pension Tapered Annual Allowance Guide

By reading this guide, you will learn:

What is the Tapered Annual Allowance

Whether you are affected by the reduced pension allowance

Pension Tapered Annual Allowance Calculator

How to avoid the Tapered Annual Allowance

How to pay less tax

Tapered Annual Allowance Pension Guide

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