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We help successful professionals create financial security and independence for themselves and their families.

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We'll show you how to make the most of your money.

We specialise in advising senior professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. You’re likely at a pinnacle in your career, enjoying financial rewards while balancing the demands of work, family, and future planning.

At this stage, time is a precious commodity, often leaving little room to focus on personal financial planning. You may be uncertain about retirement timing, the lifestyle you aspire to post-retirement, or how to effectively save and invest for the future.

Our commitment is to develop a financial strategy that adapts with you over time, offering support and insight at each critical juncture. Whether it’s aligning your investments with your career’s trajectory or securing your family’s financial future, we’re dedicated to guiding you towards a fulfilling and secure future.

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A long-term financial partner, helping you navigate life's most important financial decisions. Proactive planning to keep you on track, making smart financial decisions and avoiding expensive mistakes.
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How we can help.

  • Tax Efficiency: Tailored strategies for reducing tax liabilities and making the most of allowances and reliefs.
  • Investment Mastery: Expert guidance on making informed investment decisions for long-term growth and stability.
  • Stock Management – We can help you decipher a strategy for RSUs, Stock Options, etc. if this is part of your compensation.
  • Pension Optimisation – We get under the bonnet of all your pensions to determine what improvements can be made. Should you consolidate your old pension? Should you increase your pension contributions?
  • Road to Retirement: Planning for a financially secure retirement, ensuring your investments align with your retirement goals.
  • Achieving Financial Independence: Strategies to reach financial freedom, allowing for lifestyle choices and peace of mind.

How we do it.

1. Integrated Financial Assessment

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We begin with a thorough understanding of your individual circumstances, career trajectory, and long-term aspirations. This involves in-depth discussions about your financial situation, risk tolerance, and lifestyle goals.

2. Bespoke Financial Planning

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Using advanced tools, we create a visual and comprehensive financial plan. This plan takes into account your current assets, projected earnings, and retirement goals, providing a clear roadmap to your financial future.

3. Strategic Implementation

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Once the plan is agreed upon, we put it into action. This may involve restructuring investments, optimizing pension schemes, or implementing new saving strategies. We ensure each step is executed with precision and in alignment with your overall objectives.

4. Ongoing Planning and Advice

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Our relationship doesn’t end with implementation. We continuously monitor and review your financial plan, making necessary adjustments in response to life changes, market shifts, and evolving goals. This ensures that you remain on track to achieve your financial aspirations.

Stars for reviews
Delighted with the service from James and the team. They were thorough and professional, personable and very efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending Frazer James.
Peter Melson – Systems Architect @ Lloyds Banking Group
I needed some retirement support, and the team was first class in providing advice and a clear plan, and showed a real understanding of my priorities. Big thank you to the whole team.
James Childs – Director @ GSA
I have had a very positive experience with all of the team at Frazer James. They are practical, responsive and generous with their time. I would certainly recommend them to others.
Felix Hebblethwaite – HR Director
I feel reassured and better able to make decisions about our finances. Frazer James was responsive and active, but also worked around our timetable. A really positive experience.
Dilys Alam – Government Director
We came to you with little knowledge and some worries about our financial position. We're a long way from that now. We have clarity and no longer feel so uncertain.
Dan Fry – Managing Director @ Datel Services
James, Chris and the team provided a first-class service. Everything is clear and explained. No upselling or unnecessary changes, and they make sure you are happy before you do anything.
Matt Smith – Partner @ Method Consulting
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5 stars based on 106 reviews

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