Looking for expert advice?

Book your initial consultation with a certified financial planner. This session is specifically designed to establish if we're a good fit.

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Ready to take control of your finances?

A 20-minute video consultation with one of our Certified Financial Planners. Designed to establish if we’re a good fit.

Who’s it for?

This consultation is ideal for individuals with £200,000+ in savings, investments, and pensions who:

  • Are serious about growing their long-term wealth
  • Want to make well-informed, strategic investment decisions
  • Aim to maximise their net income through intelligent tax planning
  • Prefer to entrust their financial management to a skilled financial planner

What to expect?

By attending, you will receive:

  • Preliminary Assessment: We’ll briefly review your financial situation to understand how our services might align with your needs.
  • Financial Snapshot: Based on our preliminary assessment, we’ll provide a snapshot of what your financial future could look like with strategic planning.
  • Introductory Insights: Although this session does not allow us to delve deeply into specifics, you can expect some high-level guidance and insights based on our initial understanding of your financial picture.

If we’re a match

Should our initial consultation reveal a good fit, we’ll invite you to an in-depth strategy session.

This is where we begin to create your personalised financial plan, offering you a clear view of how our services can help you achieve your objectives.

This session is your opportunity to see the strategic value we offer, helping you make an informed choice about partnering with us.

Book your initial consultation.

Take the first step with Frazer James by telling us a little about yourself. This insight allows us to connect you with the best suited financial adviser in our team, who can cater specifically to your needs. Once completed, you will be provided with access to your financial adviser's calendar, allowing you to schedule your initial consultation at a convenient time.