Investment management.

Simple, smart investing.

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Making the most of your money.

We understand the responsibility placed upon us when asked to manage your wealth. These are your life’s savings, your retirement funds, your future. We never take this trust for granted.

When it comes to investment management, it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees. Every investment manager has a well-rehearsed prediction of the future, along with flashy line charts that go from bottom left to top right.

Building wealth through investing is simple, but not always easy. Frazer James exists to ensure you avoid big mistakes, bad investments and expensive fads. We promise to keep it simple. No jargon. Just sensible, tried and tested investment principles. Principles that we commit to ourselves.

investment planning advice
investment planning advice

Three ways we help maximise your investment planning.

A tailor-made portfolio

Your circumstances and objectives are unique to you and your investment portfolio needs to align with your financial planning. The right portfolio emerges from this, setting you up for future success.

Navigate the tax maze

Our investment strategies have tax-efficiency at the forefront. We consider everything from tax-efficient 'wrappers' (such as ISAs and pensions) to utilising your tax reliefs and allowances.

Keep you on track

Successful long-term investing will inevitably involve short-term fluctuations. We're always on hand to guide and support, keeping focus on the big picture to help avoid costly mistakes.

Our Smart Invest™ Principles.

Evidence based framework

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Our investment portfolios apply a robust framework that builds upon Nobel prize-winning research, academic evidence and good old common sense.

Investment mix importance

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Investing in companies (the stock market) provides the greatest returns, but also creates the greatest risk and volatility. Having a balance of investments is crucial.

Go global

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Spreading your portfolio across the world, avoid concentrating too much in a single market reduces risk and can improve returns.

Diversify widely

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Investing in a highly diverse mix of investments provides a simple and sensible way of reducing risk. Our portfolios own 1000’s of different assets.

Metrics matter

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A plethora of research shows investing in companies with certain size, value, and profitability metrics can result in higher long-term returns.

Avoid high-cost funds

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Simply put, funds with high costs often underperform their lower cost peers. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ seldom applied to fund management.

Ride the waves

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Arguably, the setting up of a strong investment portfolio is the easy part. Navigating each world crisis and the inevitable drops within your portfolio is the tricky part. We’re always on hand to guide and support you through these periods.

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