Retirement planning.

Head into retirement with confidence, clarity & excitement.

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One of life's really big moments.

Leaving work for the last time and stepping into retirement. It’s likely to be the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. So how can you be sure the time is right for retirement planning? Will you have enough money to live the life you really want? Retirement is freedom, and you’ll want to be free of financial worries too. For this, you’ll need retirement planners to craft a solid savings and pensions income plan.

With Frazer James as your trusted financial adviser Bristol and a properly thought-out and implemented plan in place, you can be sure your retirement will be a success. We’re award-winning financial advisers and we’ve helped hundreds of people retire. People just like you.

So leave aside your retirement worries and anxieties – Frazer James retirement financial planners will help you move into your retirement with confidence and clarity.

when can I retire couple
when can I retire couple

When can you afford to retire?

Planning for retirement is a complex journey, but Frazer James is here to simplify it for you. Before you can retire, there are critical questions to address, and our team of expert retirement planning advisers is ready to guide you.

Key Retirement Questions:

  1. Retirement Age: Determine your ideal retirement age, setting the stage for your financial plan.
  2. Current Situation: Assess your current financial health, including assets, debts, and investments.
  3. Risk Tolerance: Define your risk tolerance to align investments with your goals.
  4. Tax-Efficient Strategies: Explore tax-efficient approaches to maximise retirement income.

How Frazer James Helps:

Frazer James offers tailored retirement solutions:

  • Personalised Plans: We create customised retirement strategies.
  • Investment Management: Build a diversified portfolio for steady income and growth.
  • Tax Optimisation: Minimise taxes while maximising retirement income.

Don’t leave your retirement to chance. Contact Frazer James today for peace of mind and financial security.

This is how it works.

1. Getting to know you

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Until we understand you, your business, and your goals, we have no right in advising you. So this is step one, and it’s vital.

We want to explore where you want to be in 3, 5, even 10 years. We’ll discover how you view money and we’ll find out how risk sensitive you are.

We also get under the bonnet of your current finances and run a “Financial Health Check” to highlight how your investments are doing and where improvements could be made.

2. Building your financial plan

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We will bring your financial future to life. With the use of charts and graphs, we will show you whether you’re on the right track.

Together we’ll find out whether you’re on track to achieve your financial goals.

We’ll then show you the impact of different decisions you make today and how they will improve your future position.

3. Putting your plan into action

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We’ll produce a Financial Action Plan that lays out each and every recommendation.

Then we’ll implement each change with you, whether this is consolidating your pensions, setting up a new investment or updating your insurance.

4. Keeping you on track

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Our Forward Planning service is the most important aspect of working together.

We regularly monitor your finances to track progress and assist in navigating the inevitable changes that accompany running a business.

We’re always available to guide and support you, ensuring you stay on the right path and avoid costly mistakes.

Stars for reviews
Excellent all round service, helping us to have the confidence to push ahead with an early retirement. Always keeping us updated promptly when we have asked. Meetings have been a pleasure.
Mark & Pip Owen – Retired
Our experience with Frazer James has been positive. Their clear communication, responsiveness, and logical investment process have enabled us to lay what we believe to be a solid foundation for our retirement plans.
Charlotte Marshall – Retired
We received a faultless service. They explained the process in layman's terms and immediately acknowledged any query, the answer following swiftly. We highly recommend them.
Ed Caine – Retired
I needed some retirement support, and the team was first class in providing advice and a clear plan, and showed a real understanding of my priorities. Big thank you to the whole team.
James Childs – Director @ GSA
I feel reassured and better able to make decisions about our finances. Frazer James was responsive and active, but also worked around our timetable. A really positive experience.
Dilys Alam – Government Director
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5 stars based on 106 reviews
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Book our popular retirement planning masterclass for a 60 minute consultation with a specialist retirement planner. Or give our retirement financial advisers a call.

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