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How to invest like a professional – tune out the noise

How to invest like a professional – tune out the noise

Ever wanted to invest like a professional? Read on…

The media always has something to report on:

Elections. Brexit. Trade Wars. 

There’s always a reason to feel a little overwhelmed by the noise of the news. 

The daily bombardment of emotive headlines, designed to grab our attention and make us take action.

This is especially prevalent in investment markets. There’s always an ‘expert’ predicting the next recession or market crash, telling you why you should be fearful of the future. 

You’ll see headlines such as ‘Billions wiped off stock market’. But have you ever seen the headline ‘Billions added to the stock market’?

No, of course you haven’t. Because despite the upward march of investments over time, it’s not newsworthy.

If you want to invest like a professional, ignore the news!

There will be times in your investment journey when you just want to bail out. When the world looks like it’s going to hell in a handbasket and everything you’ve worked for is going with it.

Every time you turn on the news, it’s just bad news.

It’s the Negative Events Worlds Service, 24/7.

But take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Despite black Monday, the dotcom bubble and the great financial crisis, if you invested £1 in 1969, it would be worth £102 today!

invest like a professional long term investment returns

Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

Even in the last few years, just think about all the crazy nonsense that’s been going on. We’ve had Trump, Brexit and Boris Johnson… And yet, despite it all, investment markets keep going up.

So the next time your cousin’s daughters uncles dog tells you it’s time to sell out because the end of the world is nigh, ignore them!

Sit tight, chuckle gently, knowing that you will be rewarded for your patience. Keeping your head, when others all around you are losing theirs, is what makes a great investor.

Tuning out of the noise is one of the simplest but most difficult things to do.

All the best,

James Mackay, Independent Financial Adviser in Bristol

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