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Investment horizon – 10 days or 10 years? ⏳

Investment Timeframe

A short story about one clients investment horizon.

It’s December 2018.

A client calls in, asking what he should do with his investments.

At a loss, I ask him to clarify what he means.

“Haven’t you seen the market? It’s down 2%!”

I look at the performance of his investments:

–   Since yesterday: -2.03%

–   Since last week -0.32%

–   Since last month: +1.74%

–   Since last year: +8.43%

–   Since 10 years ago: +112.54%

investment horizon short term vs long term

I ask him if he needs to cash in his investments in the next 10 days.

No,” he says.

I ask him if he needs to cash in his investments in the next 10 years.

I don’t think so,” he says.

I’ve got enough money coming in so that I can leave my investments alone,” he tells me.

I ask him if he wants to achieve another 100%+ return over the next ten years.

Yes,” he says.

I kindly ask him to stop looking at his bloody investments every day then!

The Evidence

But don’t just take my word for it. Vanguard, the venerable investment provider recently produced some research on investors who try to time the market. They found that very few people are able to successfully time the market. And for those that try to time the market, they are likely to earn a lower investment return than those who remain invested through the ups and downs.

The research is clear. It’s “time in the market” not “timing the market” that counts. If the best fund managers in the world can’t get in and out of the market at just the right time, what makes you think you can?

All the best,

James Mackay, Independent Financial Adviser in Bristol

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