How to invest like Warren Buffett

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How to invest like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is an iconic billionaire investor, who is the chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (5th largest company in America).

Hundreds of books have been written about him:

– How he achieved his success

– How he invests

– How he thinks

But when you really boil it all down, there’s just one thing that separates Buffett from the rest…


“The years ahead will occasionally deliver major market declines — even panics — that will affect virtually all stock markets. No one can tell you when these traumas will occur” (September 2017)

and when this does happen…

“Patience and good temperament are of the highest importance”

He doesn’t have any special insight into where the market is going in the short term. The value of his investments goes up and down just like everyone else.

But what separates Buffett from the rest is that when his investments decline in value, he does nothing. He sits patiently, having faith they will recover.

No day trading, no opportunistic selling, just sitting on his hands doing absolutely nothing.

History has shown that investments regularly fall in value, but over the long-term, they’ve always recovered and advanced to new highs.

When it comes to investing, patience is your friend. It’s what separates the amateurs from the experts – and it’s entirely in your control.

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