Is your money invested in the best way possible?

By investing your money, you can make it grow. The right investment strategy will depend on your financial goals. It will take account of your personal circumstances and your appetite for investment risk. 

To be a successful investor requires having the right investment mix, diversifying your investments and keeping your costs low. Watch the below video to find out more.


Investment Advice Service

As expert investment advisors, we’ve helped hundreds of people with their investments. We provide independent investment advice tailored to your unique situation. Our investment advice service helps you make smarter decisions with your investments.

It helps you to understand:

   Performance – how your investments are performing.

   Charges – how much you’re paying in investment charges

   Guarantees – whether there are any special guarantees or benefits

   Tax – whether they are tax-efficient

   Ethical – how ethical your investments are

“Frazer James really helped me to understand my investment and have provided great advice. I can now relax knowing my investments are in safe hands.”

Joe Worgan, Business Analyst

Investment Planning Consultation

To get started, we offer an initial investment planning consultation, reviewing your current investment strategy. We will provide a high-level summary of your investment portfolio, summarising your investment performance and the charges you pay.

It will also Identify if your investments are right for your needs or if there are better investments available on the market. We’ll then provide you with some practical steps you can take to improve your investments. 

There are no guarantees with investing.

Working with a highly rated independent financial adviser gives you the best chance of achieving investment success. With regular one to one meetings, we will make sure you achieve the best possible return on your investments. 

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Common questions

  • Where should I invest my money?
  • How should I invest my money?
  • How much am I paying in investment charges?
  • Are my investments any good?
  • How can I improve my investments?
  • How much risk am I taking with my investments?
  • Are my investments ethical?
  • How can I improve my investment return?

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